History of Terrorism and its Mitigation through Intelligence


  • Kashif Jamal Khan




Terrorism; Counter-terrorism; Rapoport; Waves of terrorism; Intelligence


An extensive set of literature exists that discusses different facets of terrorism. This paper argues that the lack of understanding on what exactly is terrorism and how to define it is often reflected in the counter-terrorism and antiterrorism measures taken by the state actors. This paper aims at making sense of the history of modern terrorism using Rapoport's Waves of Terrorism Theory, as well as the counter-measures that were taken against the particular wave of terrorism. The paper argues that intelligence has to play a central role in counter-terrorism as without accurate intelligence no counterterrorism measure can work. Using the historical research method, this paper is based on both primary and secondary sources. In depth open-ended interviews were conducted with the experts as well as academics and journalists working on the subject. This data was then supplemented by the secondary sources such as books and research papers to develop a comprehensive theoretical understanding of terrorism and its various dimensions, as well as of anti and counter terrorism measures

Author Biography

Kashif Jamal Khan

PhD Scholar, Department of History, Karachi University.




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Kashif Jamal Khan. (2022). History of Terrorism and its Mitigation through Intelligence. Progressive Research Journal of Arts & Humanities (PRJAH), 4(1), 115 –128. https://doi.org/10.51872/prjah.vol4.Iss1.186