Violence in Subcontinent: A Study of the Last British Viceroyalty in India, 1947

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Benish Khan
Manzoor Ahmed Kanrani
Bashir Ahmed Jatoi


On 15 August 1947 India had been divided into two newly born States India and Pakistan and the British ruled in India came to end. It also brought a massacre in different areas of subcontinent particularly Punjab suffered a lot. The violence, riots and force migration were the cost that people paid on the name of independence. Million were uprooted and thousands were brutally killed and the violence continued many days. Academic scholars focused on violence, riots and women abduction in Punjab and Sikhs and Muslims had been blamed for this. If the Mountbatten would have played his role positively then situation could be changed or the violence could be minimized. However, there are different interpretations and approaches on violence in subcontinent at the time of independence. Therefore, the present paper deals with the Pakistani historian?s opinions regarding Mountbatten?s actions on the division of Sub-Continent. An effort will be made in this paper to reveal the role played by the last British leadership in their last viceroyalty during the „violence of 1947?. This paper will study and examine the works of Pakistani historians on the Partition that how they see this „Event? of partition and role of Mountbatten. Moreover, the research would try to fill the research gap in our prevailing historical writings and would benefit in studying Mountbatten?s (Leadership).

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Khan, B., Kanrani, . M. A., & Jatoi, B. A. (2020). Violence in Subcontinent: A Study of the Last British Viceroyalty in India, 1947. Progressive Research Journal of Arts &Amp; Humanities (PRJAH), 2(1), 119–128.