Sarangaa Literary & Cultural Society (SLCS) is a Hyderabad based non-profit organization which was established and registered in 2008 under Societies Act 1860.  SLCS aims to promote peace, education, human rights/Women’s rights, youth leadership, interfaith harmony, democracy and pluralism through research, artistic and cultural modes and mediums of expression and activism. In the wake of growing retrogressive trends of intolerance, religious disharmony, sectarianism, extremism and violence, the role of progressive literary and cultural education, research and activism bears significance. In this context, Sarangaa Society envisages to inculcate and propagate liberal, secular and diverse education and awareness through the active engagement of art, literature and cultural activities. Sarangaa Society strives to work as a vibrant and dynamic social change actor to enhance peace, human rights and tolerance in order to create and flourish the plural, secular and democratized values in society.

Since its inception, Sarangaa Society has been engaged in promoting peace, education and awareness, human rights, democracy, pluralism and youth leadership through literary, cultural, research, training and advocacy programs and activities. To educate and create critical awareness around the themes of peace, human rights, harmony and diversity, SLCS has been actively involved in artistic and cultural activities such as folk music concerts, peace poetry sessions, seminars, photo exhibitions, publications, book launching ceremonies and participatory research and training initiatives with young writers, students and activists.

Sarangaa Society trying all its options to achieve its goals to promote of peace, human rights, interfaith harmony and plural society through education, awareness, literary and cultural activism. The Progressive Journal of Arts and Humanities (PRJRH) is also its academic initiative to provide platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research work for the development of society.