Assessing the effects of Television Agricultural Shows on Farmers’ Information Need: A Case Study of District Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh – Pakistan

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Rameez Ali Mahesar
Mujeeb Abro
Sahib Oad


Television agricultural shows (TVAS) have been playing a very significant role in proffering a fast information and knowledge concerning the agriculture to the millions of farmers in global arena. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of television on the enhancement of farmers' agricultural knowledge, and it is supposed to investigate the perceptions of farmers for television to know if it promotes farmers' knowledge. The target population for this study entails the farmers who own a television set at their homes. Quantitative approach by running survey questionnaire comprising of closedended questions was employed to collect data so to receive the perceptions of the respondents for the subject being studied. further to get the feedback from farmers towards the statements concerning the study, five points Likert scale was used in this research study. The conclusions of the current study have determined that the Television agricultural shows (TVAS) were from the greatest agricultural information sources for the farmers of rural areas. Also, television shows have witnessed bearing the effect on the farmers in the spread and transfer agricultural knowledge in Sindh.

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