A Critical Evaluation of Female Students’ Inclination towards Higher Studies: A Case Study in the District of Loralai Balochistan


  • Muhabat Khan Department of Education, University of Loralai, Balochistan
  • Nosheen Kanwal Department of Education, University of Loralai, Balochistan
  • Ghulam Ali Buriro Institute of English Language and Literature, University of Sindh, Jamshoro


Inclination, Female Students, Higher Education, Balochistan


The aim of the study was to examine the inclination of female students towards higher studies in the Loralai District, Balochistan. The sample of the study was comprised of teachers (N=100) and parents (N=80) from the Loralai, District. The sample was selected through the purposive sampling technique. On behalf of the female students; a questionnaire was designed to make an elicit data from the sample. The collected data was analyzed through t-test. Consistent indicators for low inclination towards higher education were found to be cultural issues, opposition to co-education; low socio-economic status; size of the family, early marriages, distantly situated educational institutions and low parental educational background. Moreover, lack of parental involvement and their differential attitude towards sending their daughters to co-education institutions for higher studies was inversely correlated with female students’ inclination towards higher studies. The implications for solutions were discussed.