Cyber-Crimes and Cyber Laws of Pakistan: An Overview


  • Rashida Zahoor Department of Law, University of Sahiwal, Sahiwal
  • Naseem Razi Department of Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad



Cyber-crime, Cyber Law, Cyberspace, Cyber Security, Internet, Pakistan


Communications have become the most essential and quite an easy as well as fast because of technology advancement. Developing states are also getting the same blessings of computer networks and internet like the developed nations of the world. Besides, such the blessings and curses take place on account of communications in the modern technology. Cyberspace - is the medium of communication on computer networking that is not safe. Criminals use such the technology to commit crimes on cyberspace. Meanwhile the sensitive data and information are hacked to injure the person, organization, society or even a state. These (cybercrimes) and criminal may be prevented by making the sufficient laws in a country. The principle aim of this study is to discuss the cybercrimes and examine the cyber laws in Pakistan. For this purpose, there are three parts of this paper. The first part addresses the cyber-crimes explicitly in Pakistan. The second part is dedicated to the legal framework of cyber laws in the country. While the last but not least part talks about the cyber security strategy of Pakistan.




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Zahoor, R., & Razi, N. (2020). Cyber-Crimes and Cyber Laws of Pakistan: An Overview. Progressive Research Journal of Arts & Humanities (PRJAH), 2(2), 133–143.