An Evaluation of Role of Police Forensic Science Laboratories in Countering Terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Farhat Ullah
Mohammed Shafiq
Asif Mahmood


Forensic Science is a powerful tool to counter terrorism both in pre-incidence deterrence as well post-incident deterrence. The present study explores out the effectiveness of police Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) along with the significance and its role to counter terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Pakistan. Data were taken by using a Structured questionnaire from 217 respondents, including 99 legal practitioners (lawyers dealing criminal cases), 54 journalists (crime reporters from the different newspapers), and 64 police personnel (from the various ranks working in police department). A stratified proportionate random sampling technique as employed to find out the sample size for each stratum while a systematic sampling method was applied to select the respondents from the three chosen sample groups. A Chi-square and Gamma tests were employed to find out the relationship between independent and dependent variable. It was found that the forensic science laboratory has a significant relationship with countering terrorism including DNA tests, crime scene photography; and fingerprints are highly effective in criminal investigation. It was concluded from the study that capacities of forensic science laboratory needed to be enhanced to counter terrorism more efficiently. The study suggests that enhancing expertise in FSL on modern scientific grounds as framed to enhance the effectiveness of the use of facilities of FSL.

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