Offensive Realism: The US Strategies to Contain Iran

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Munawar Hussain Panhwar
Ronaque Ali Behan


The Islamic Revolution, as one of the greatest political developments in the
twentieth century - caused a radical change in the Iranian political system.
Consequently, it has posed a tough challenge for the American politics in
protecting its significant interests in the region. Since then, the US has
employed multiple methods to contain the growing influence of Iran which has
left the tremendous impact on its interests in the region. Similar, approaches
have been used against many other countries of the world where the American
interests have been affected. Thus, understanding the US tools and strategies
used against the Islamic Republic of Iran would help independent countries
better to confront with the similar problems. This research tries to respond
this question that what were the US strategies to control and contain the
Islamic Republic in the last four decades? Mearsheimer's offensive realism
has been used to answer that question. The offensive realist approach has
been extensively discussed to find out the similar patterns in the US strategy
towards Iran. The results of this article clearly point to the several US
strategies to control the power and maintain an influence of the Islamic
Republic of Iran in the Middle East which has posed the potential challenges
to the American interests in the said region.

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Munawar Hussain Panhwar

Area study Centre for Africa, North and South America, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad, Pakistan

Ronaque Ali Behan

Area Study Centre Far East & Southeast Asia (FESEA), University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan